Beacon Abstracts 27-33

27: A Leap Of Faith

The objective of this beacon is to provide a framework for the individual who may be encountering and enduring darkness, despair, or desolation as he/she struggles through the difficulties of the Journey of Life. This beacon will speak from a culmination of previous discussed concepts, including relief, resolution, and rebirth.

28: Reconceptualizing Conflict

The objective of this beacon is to provide for the Traveler another “path” in conceptualizing “conflict.” The concept of conflict has been consistently viewed in the negative. In being so, the Traveler dealing with a troublesome or distressful event or individual, becomes reactive and automatically seeks to move away (retreat) from the experience. The Traveler can begin the process of transforming conflict into a strategy of empowerment for the psychological self by creating a framework that would act as a process of change.

29: Doing The RITE Thing

The objective of this beacon is to assist the Traveler in understanding that choices present themselves and are a necessary part of living life. Life is what it is; it is simply nothing more than a journey. A secondary objective of this beacon is to provide the Traveler with a model to follow when choosing a path at the crossroads of life. The RITE model consists of 4 components and reflects the challenges that await the Traveler as he/she wrestles with fear at the crossroads. The four components compare and contrast the associated concepts:

  1. Reaction/Response
  2. Intimidate/Integrate
  3. Torpedo/Transformation
  4. Enable/Empower

30: Letting Go Of Living With Fear

The objective is to provide the Traveler with insights to work through the barriers, challenges, and interactions with difficult individuals that he/she may encounter along the path. The five-stage model consists of the following components:

  1. Information
  2. Involvement
  3. Integration
  4. Implementation
  5. Impact

31: Responding To The Impostor Syndrome

The objective of this beacon is to provide the Traveler a framework with which to conceptualize fear within the context of the disorder known as the Imposter Syndrome. The Imposter Syndrome can be defined as the struggle and conflict of two overwhelming fears, FAILURE and SUCCESS. Both fears are being supported by another fear SELF PROMOTION that acts as a weakened pillar, struggling to balance the weight of the other two fears. Due to the complexity of this topic i.e. Imposter Syndrome, this beacon will propose two distinctive frameworks. The first being, MASKING. The framework of MASKING consists of malfunction, acceptance, submission, kill, and -ING (the active state of doing). The second framework is The Five R’s of Relief. This framework has five components, including respite, reaction, reflection, response, and review.

32: Race To The Finish Line

The objective of this beacon is to provide a framework by which the individual, in accepting the role of Traveler, can approach the “Journey of Life.” This framework brings into place the “joining” of two concepts, the I Factor (see Beacon: Letting Go of Living in Fear & Learning to Balance Life While Living with Fear), and RACE and the 3M’s.

33: HALT

The objective of this beacon is to provide a framework by which the individual can own his/her reactions, adequately respond, and subsequently conceptualize living with fear instead of living in fear.