Beacon Abstracts 15-20

15: Healing The Emotional Wound

There are three objectives of this beacon, which are to acknowledge the existence and impact of the emotional wound, actively work
to respond to the reaction of I-PAD (IGNORE, PRETEND, AVOIDANCE & DENIAL), and provide a framework of self-care and healing when wounding occurs.

16: GRIEF: The Unexplored Territory

The objective of this beacon is to assist the Traveler in moving through grief, which can be on of life’s most difficult passages. Although there may be different forms or types of grief, the common theme is loss. The focus of this beacon is to explore “the darkness of grief” with the intent of bringing this issue into the light.

17: Suicidal Thoughts

The objective of this beacon is to provide a framework for either action or relief for the distressed individual who has identified suicidal thoughts. A secondary objective is for the individual to realize that he/she has a “voice” in enduring pain and “suffering in silence.” This beacon will provide the following foundation for the Traveler who is seeking “self discovery” to achieve healing of the emotional wound:

  1. The acceptance of ownership/responsibility for one’s reactions.
  2. The normalization and integration of one’s reactions.
  3. The transforming of the reactions into an appropriate response(s).

18: Betrayal Trauma

Betrayal trauma is reflective of the violation of implicit and explicit trust. The closer the relationship the greater the degree of betrayal
and thus, the greater the impact of the trauma. Betrayal trauma can have long-term implications and remain with the traumatized individual
for a lifetime. The objective of this beacon is to provide the Traveler with insight to recognize the act or actions of betrayal.

19: Reducing The Impact Of The Traumatic Experience

The objective of this beacon is to assist the Traveler in responding to his/her conscious or unconscious fears. The LIFT model focuses on the fears associated with I-PAD i.e. (IGNORING, PRETENDING, AVOIDING, or DENYING) the feeling of fear, which is being triggered or aroused.

20: Responding To Traumatic Injury

The objective of this beacon is for the Traveler to gain the awareness and ability to allow the traumatic experience to be what it is, “an experience,” and to seek the desire to “want to grasp the fear” and to “live with the fear” and not “live in fear.” This can be done if the Traveler is willing to learn and integrate the SAFETY model, which is a six-step approach to responding to trauma.