Beacon Abstracts 3-9

3: Core Values: The Journey Of Discovery

This beacon provides the framework for the core values deemed the foundation of the exploration for the journey of self-discovery, and will also discuss the empowerment strategy known as VETTING.

4: Journaling And The Joining

This beacon provides the framework for understanding the concepts of and recording the experiences that occur during the Journey of Self Discovery. This beacon also provides help in understanding “Joining," which is the integration of the components of two or more distinctive beacons. Here, the joining consists of the addition of the "I Factor," which is a five-stage model that can provide the traveler with insight for working through the challenges, barriers, and difficult individuals that may lie along the path being traveled.

5: Walking The Talk

The objective of this beacon is to provide an introduction to the various levels of life experiences, which may be encountered along the
Journey of Self Discovery. This beacon provides discussion of the five specific levels of the experience of life.

6: Self Enrichment: Self Actualization

The objective of this beacon is to provide an opportunity for the Traveler to gain an understanding of how self-enrichment can be achieved through self-actualization and self-discovery on the Journey of Self Discovery.

7: Being LISTED Or DISsed

The objective of this beacon is to assist the Traveler in responding to the pressures of attaining acceptance and/or accepting rejection from others. Being accepted by others is one of our most important human needs. The desire for acceptance and the avoidance of rejection may create consequences that impact the Traveler for many years to come. This beacon brings the “joining” of two distinct concepts, LISTED, and DIS, in the creation of the framework.

8: Reinforcing The Psychological Self

In the prior discussion, the Traveler became aware of consequences of separation and individualization from the larger group such as
abandonment, ridicule and repudiation. The objective of this discussion is to reinforce the ability of the Traveler to “stand alone” in an effort
to facilitate self-empowerment. This will be done through the construction of the RAISE Model.

9: The Rewards Of Self-Advocacy

The objective of this beacon is to understand is how utilize advocacy in role of empowering the Self. Advocacy, which has several specialized definitions, is generally the act of pleading for, supporting or recommending. Therefore “advocacy for the self” can be defined as the deliberate process of speaking out on issues concerning the Self with the intent to exert influence over ideas or experiences associated with the journey.