At The Crossroads

The focus is on the journey, not the destination.
It is what we see and experience along the way.

You Must Choose...

Life is nothing more than a journey. The mistake that is often made is the focus on getting to the destination quickly and in doing so, we tend to ignore the experiences, the challenges, and the opportunities that happen along the way. I call it the “Journey of Self Discovery”.


During the journey, the individual will often come across “crossroads” and in doing so, must decide which direction to take. Often, this path divides into two directions: one path that represents the “Same Old Thing, Nothing New, Nothing Different.” , and another path that represents, “Something New, Something Different: The Unknown.”


The path to take is your choice to make. As your companion on this journey, I may offer questions and feedback. I will do so in an honest, sensitive and respectful manner. During the journey, you may encounter "internalized resistance" or "defenses" due to fear or anxiety of a recent or past experience.


My role is to provide a secure, safe and nurturing environment as you seek clarity or explore unresolved trauma or experiences. My commitment is to be there with you and not abandon the journey you have chosen to take.

Join us "At The Crossroads."

The path to take is your choice to make.